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Combination Locks Service in Denver

Combination Locks Service in Denver, Colorado

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Combination Locks Service

It is anxiety inducing when you stand at a lock, ready to open it, and you cannot remember the combination. When you have issues where you are locked out of combination locks, you can call for help and get a team of lock experts to come to you. The lock will not be stuck forever and you will not have to spend a ton of money in order to have it worked on. If you are tired of the old lock that you have installed, you can find someone to introduce you to all of the types of combination locks and put a more modern lock in place.

What We Do

There are single and multi dial locks available, and we can set you up with either one. There are also modern locks that use buttons or even a biometric scanner to be unlocked. We can service your current lock, reset combination locks, and set you up with all new locks. We work with individuals looking to protect a shed with a padlock, business owners looking for help with a door, and all others with a combination lock in place.

When you contact Locked Out Locksmith, our team isn’t going to hit you with a ton of questions that will make you feel like you are doing something wrong. We are simply going to address the issue that is in front of you and then let you alone. Whether we are working on a lock that is currently in place or installing a master lock combination, we’ll act professionally and handle things efficiently.

Installation Services

Installation Services

When you’re ready to have a lock installed, we’ll help you figure out the type of lock that will work best for you. We will also make sure that the size of lock that you pick out will work for the job that the lock is going to do. We’ll help you come up with a combination that is secure but that you can easily memorize, and we’ll set your lock up so that it uses that combination to unlock. We’ll bring the proper tools to get your code lock in place and make sure that it is secure before leaving.

Repair and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance

A combination lock can stick, making it impossible for you to twist the numbers around and enter your combination. If this is happening for you, we can find a way to make it turn more smoothly. A lock can also rust or become damaged, and we can repair those locks that are older and needing help. We can reset combination locks if you don’t remember the code and we’ll help you keep an older combination lock working until you are ready to replace that. We can service all types of locks and provide help personalized to each one.

Upgrades and Replacements

Upgrades and Replacements

As you are introduced to the modern locks that are available today, you might feel like the locks that you are using just aren’t good enough anymore. We can help you replace an older lock with something that is completely new. Modern locks provide extra security by allowing you to use a keypad or fingerprint to open them. Modern locks can also be easier to use and help you get past them quickly. It does not take a lot of time to put in a new lock once you have decided on one you want installed.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

You can’t control when issues will come up with any type of a lock. If you can’t get a combination lock to work and it is the middle of the night, you need help to access all that is being secured with that lock. If you notice that a lock has been tampered with and it is not regular business hours, you need to have someone available who can help you. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so that we can address urgent lock issues right when you need help.

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Locked out of your car? We will get you
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Why Choose Us?

Our technicians are not only smart but they are respectful. They aren’t going to make you feel bad because you have a lock and you can’t figure out how to get it to work. Our team isn’t going to struggle while working in front of you, either, but has the experience needed to quickly see what the problem is and figure out how they can take care of that without damaging the lock in their hand. Our team finds it to be an honor to have the chance to serve people like you both at your home and at your business.

Combination Locks Service in Denver, Colorado

Locked Out Locksmith has been well received by those who have used our services in the past. We have shown those living in the Denver area that we care – both about them and about the work that we do. We have been well reviewed by those who have gotten lock help, and you can read the testimonials left by such individuals. Our dedication is seen by all who hire us, and we would love to be the team that makes life both easier and safer for you and your family or business.

Over 100 Real 5 Star Reviews from Real Customers

Upon the locksmith’s arrival, he was able to retrieve the keys I had locked in the truck in a matter of minutes. It would be an understatement to say I was surprised.

Maria S.

The Locked Out Locksmith person who came to my rescue at 2:00 am was very polite and assuring. I immediately knew my car was in good hands as he went about fixing my ignition system.


I always appreciate when service providers take time to explain the problem and offer the best solution. My locksmith was very professional and good at what he did.

George A.

After my positive experience with Locked Out Locksmith, I can assure you that the company will have a place high on my speed dial from now on. I was very pleased with the results.

Katrina V.

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Locked Out Locksmith Services in Denver
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What services does Denver’s Locked Out Locksmith offer? Open Close

We help with automotive issues such as key fob programming and battery replacement, and we also help with master key systems and smart lock installation work. We are available in emergency situations where you find yourself locked out of your car and in situations where you simply want more modern locks installed.

Can locksmiths open combination locks? Open Close

Yes! We can find a way into the combination lock that is causing trouble for you and get it opened so that you can access all that it was protecting. We have experience doing that and we can figure out the best way of getting the locks open.

How much does it cost to change all your locks? Open Close

This will depend on how many locks you have and the type of new lock that you want to install. If you get in touch with our team, we will be able to give you an estimate of what it will cost and also introduce you to some new lock options.

How do you open a combination safe if you forget the combination? Open Close

You need to find as much information about your lock as you can before starting this process. Know the manufacturer and type of lock you are dealing with. Either contact the manufacturer or look for help online, or call Locked Out Locksmith and let us figure out how to get the lock open.