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Key Cutting Service – What It Is and Where to Go

Ever wanted to know where to go when you need keys to be cut? Read the details below.

Why Key Cutting Is Important

Lost car keys are something that can happen to anyone, and it does. On a typical day in Denver, numerous people will call a locksmith after having lost car keys or left them in some forgotten location.

If this occurs in their home, they might be found again at some point, but not right away. People depend on keys to secure the doors to their homes and their vehicles when they’re outside or inside them. Key cutting service aims to make it easier to get a quick fix for a new set when the previous one disappears.

Key copy is great in that it prevents further theft from would-be burglars, thieves, and carjackers. Locksmiths perform a public service to the Denver community that people rely upon. But how exactly do locksmiths go about the entire process from start to finish?

Car Unlock Service

Car unlock service

If you locked keys in the car, it could be that you just need a Denver auto locksmith to come to the rescue and unlock the car door. That’s a service that is right in our wheelhouse. We can send one of our well-trained locksmiths to your designated location with the tools they will need to get a car door open quickly. In most cases, they can get a car door open in a minute or two.

Car Key Cutting - Duplicates and Replacements

Car key cutting – duplicates and replacements

If by chance you are locked out because your lost your keys or had your car key break, we have you covered. All of our mobile units in Colorado are equipped with raw key materials and the machines that are needed to quickly cut new keys. When doing a car key duplication in Denver CO, we don’t necessarily need access to the original keys.

Retrieve Keys Locked in Trunk

Retrieve keys locked in trunk

If your issue relates to your keys being locked in the trunk, it’s not going to be a problem for our locksmith technicians. They can retrieve your keys in one of two ways.

The first option is the easiest. As long as your trunk release latch (inside the car) is functional, they’ll simply unlock the car door and pop the latch.

Repair/Replace Car Ignition Systems

Repair/replace car ignition systems

Though rare, keys will break off in the ignition. Upon arrival at your location, one of our locksmith technicians would start by trying to dislodge the key without causing collateral damage to the ignition system. If that didn’t work, it’s likely they would need to repair or replace the entire ignition system. Rest assured, they can work on ignition systems for cars of all years, makes, and models.

Car Vehicle Models

Locked out of your car? We will get you
back in without damaging your lock*

The Steps a Locksmith Takes When Key Cutting

When a locksmith is tasked with replacing a car key or creating a key copy, there are several steps they must follow to ensure a successful outcome. First, they must identify the make and model of the car to determine the type of key needed.

Next, they will use specialized tools and equipment to cut the key to the correct shape and size. This process requires precise measurements and attention to detail to ensure the key will work properly. In Denver, a locksmith may use advanced technology such as computerized key-cutting machines to ensure the key is cut accurately.

Once the key is cut, the locksmith will test it to ensure it works in the lock. If the key does not work, adjustments may need to be made until the key functions properly. Overall, key duplication and replacement require skill, expertise, and specialized equipment to ensure the key works seamlessly with the lock.

The Steps a Locksmith Takes When Key Cutting

What a Denver Locksmith Does

Locksmiths in Denver are the same as others one could find in the country. However, since Denver prides itself on hospitality, the locksmiths called by an inconvenienced customer will see their courteousness and professionalism firsthand.

There are three primary types in the profession, though the best incorporate them all.

For example, an automotive locksmith might also specialize in residential locksmith duties, thanks to their extensive training and knowledge of locking devices. This goes for key cutting also. Another important thing is their time off work. A 24 hour locksmith in Denver will typically be available to you whenever you need them, even during special events and holidays. They all replace car keys as needed.

Locksmiths are well known for their efficacious delivery of new keys and general cutting techniques. They comprehend the important role that keys have in guarding the homes of residents, businesses, and motorists.

Relying upon advanced techniques to help the people of Denver, They keep communities safer and better prepared for unexpected occurrences do take place, such as key loss.

Cutting for Commercial Establishment

A commercial locksmith is an expert who specializes in providing security solutions for businesses.

As mentioned, they often work with residential and automotive services as well. They specialize in key replication, which involves creating copies of keys for locks utilized in commercial establishments. A locksmith has the required proficiency and know-how to make copies of keys for various types of locks, also access and master keys.

In general, key duplication in Denver is delivered by locksmiths to guarantee that only permitted personnel can use commercial premises while preventing unauthorized access, providing a pivotal layer of security for commercial settings. Additionally, they also can secure doors to establishments during off hours when companies experience malfunctions or key loss.

About our Locksmith Services

Locked Out Locksmith has key cutting service a step above what other locksmiths in the area are doing.

They have great service, friendly prices, and are easy to get in contact with. Having automotive commercial and residential abilities for key cutting, locks and ignition switch repairs and more, they help anyone that contacts them, even if it’s for a small mailbox key.

Dedicated to their task of getting people back to what they were doing before key cutting was needed, Locked Out Locksmith’s reputation has benefited immensely from their success. Contact them now and let them rekey for you during emergencies or when you need duplicates.

Over 100 Real 5 Star Reviews from Real Customers

Upon the locksmith’s arrival, he was able to retrieve the keys I had locked in the truck in a matter of minutes. It would be an understatement to say I was surprised.

Maria S.

The Locked Out Locksmith person who came to my rescue at 2:00 am was very polite and assuring. I immediately knew my car was in good hands as he went about fixing my ignition system.


I always appreciate when service providers take time to explain the problem and offer the best solution. My locksmith was very professional and good at what he did.

George A.

After my positive experience with Locked Out Locksmith, I can assure you that the company will have a place high on my speed dial from now on. I was very pleased with the results.

Katrina V.

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Locksmiths Denver has in the area are beneficial to people who rent out homes to tenants, homeowners, car owners,

Why do car keys erode over time? Open Close

Car keys are made to last a while but typically won’t go on forever. The frequent rubbing they do against the locksmith manipulates. However, the air, water, and location might also wear away keys, sometimes faster depending on the setting, such as residents that live near water or get snow during the winter season.

Can I trust a Denver locksmith company? Open Close

Locksmiths can be trusted in the Denver area. However, looking at reviews from customers and their relevant certifications are good ways to help one establish confidence in a copy before they’re contacted.

Can locksmiths do key cutting for rooms and single appliances, like safes? Open Close

Absolutely. Just contact them and let them know about your situation!