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Local Locksmith in Longmont, Colorado

Local Locksmith in Longmont, Colorado

Colorado Locksmith for Key, Lock, and Security Issues

Mobile Locksmith in Longmont, CO

It is our job as mobile locksmith in Longmont to come to you when you have issues so that you don’t have to figure out how to get your vehicle to us or how you are going to fix the jammed lock on your home’s door. When you are seeking a fast locksmith, we’ll answer your call and get to you quickly. We’ll find a solution as quickly as we can and make sure that you are good with everything that we have done. Mobile locksmiths make your life easier and provide valuable services to help you feel secure.

What Makes a Transponder Key Different from a Typical Key?

This type of key has a special chip in it that links it to a vehicle. The chip connects with the vehicle and allows you to start it. Most modern vehicles are set up with this type of programmed key.

What Good Do Transponder Keys Actually Do?

These chip keys make it harder for just anyone to start a vehicle, and that means that they make it harder for someone to drive off with your vehicle. They can stop a vehicle from being stolen and give you peace of mind when you have to leave your vehicle parked in a public place.

Is It Costly to Have New Transponder Key Made and Programmed?

The cost will differ but it does not have to be expensive. A locksmith like Locked Out Locksmith should be able to get the job done quickly and at a fairly low price, usually below what a dealership would charge.

We Know All About All Kinds of Keys, Including Transponder Keys

Our auto locksmiths can help you any time that you need a car key replacement because we can replace basic keys and also those that require programming. We will not only cut a key for you, but we can also make sure that the key is set up to work with your vehicle.

automotive locksmith


From making sure the ignition is working correctly to replacing key fob batteries, we’ll meet automotive locksmith needs.

residential locksmith


From broken locks on doors to replacing those that previous residents have the keys to, we’ll help with home needs.

commercial locksmith


Each new employee should have their own key, and we can create those and set up security systems.

emergency locksmith


If an unplanned for issue with a lock comes up at night, our emergency locksmith will quickly fix things.

Car Vehicle Models

If you find yourself locked out of your car,
we’ll safely get you back in.

Who We Are

We are a courteous team with the experience needed to deal with lock issues related to vehicles, homes, and businesses. We have been trusted by many people just like you and we have not let them down. Locked Out Locksmith is eager to provide lock solutions in the Denver metro area.

Door Lock and a Key

24-hour Mobile Services

A Colorado locksmith that provides you with relief when you are fighting with a lock or key issues. We offer standard and emergency locksmith services that are available at any time of the day or night. Our team will answer your call no matter the time and get to you quickly so that you can get to work on time or get into your home to sleep. Contact us for immediate assistance wherever you may be in Longmont, Colorado.

Over 100 Real 5 Star Reviews from Real Customers

The locksmith left me thoroughly impressed with their speed and expertise. In just minutes, they effortlessly retrieved the keys I had accidentally locked inside my home, saving me from what could have been a highly stressful situation.

Jennifer S.

A heartfelt acknowledgment to the locksmith who came to my rescue! Not only did he successfully fix my jammed safe, but he also took the time to provide a detailed explanation of the issue and shared valuable tips to prevent a recurrence.

Caleb M.

A big shout-out to the locksmith who came to my rescue! Not only did he fix my jammed safe, but he also took the time to explain the issue in detail and offered valuable tips to prevent it from happening again.

Sarah D.

My experience went above and beyond my expectations. The locksmith who assisted me was not only incredibly professional but also demonstrated outstanding problem-solving abilities. With service of this caliber, they have earned a permanent place on my emergency contact list.

Robert B.

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Locked Out Locksmith Services in Denver
How much does a local locksmith cost? Open Close

Each job is going to cost a different price depending on how far we have to travel to complete the work, how long it takes for us to get the work done, and whether or not we have to purchase any supplies. We’ll keep things fair, no matter what.

Will a locksmith open a lock? Open Close

It is our job to open the lock that is stuck! There are certain situations where we may need to see some identification from you, but most often we will simply be able to take on the job that you have for us without issue.

Can a locksmith open a door with a key in it? Open Close

If you have tried a key in a lock and been unable to get the door to open, we can figure out what is going on. Even with a key in the lock, our specialized tools and training can help us get a door open.   A good locksmith in Longmont is available in the daytime and the night to unlock doors, create duplicate keys, and find long-term security solutions.