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Rekey Locks Service in Denver, Colorado

There when rekeying locking mechanisms has never been so important

Rekey Locks Service

At some point in time, the integrity of an important lock and or key you are relying on might get compromised. It’s at that point that you will need to take action if you want to keep that feeling of you and your family being safe. If changing locks goes beyond the scope of what you want to do, your next best option would be to rekey one or more of your locks.

Locked Out Locksmith is a leading full-service Denver locksmith. We also provide services in other parts of Colorado. As a reliable locksmith in Denver, we apply our trade as a residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, and auto locksmith. Yes, we do serve residents who require locksmith rekeying in Denver.

Here is some information related to our services related to the rekeying of locks and keys.

Recommending when to have locks rekeyed

Recommending when to have locks rekeyed

When is it truly necessary to request locksmith rekeying in Denver? That would be when you feel the security provided by your current locks and keys has been compromised. We find most of our customers request these services after losing or misplacing their keys. We also get calls after robberies and when business owners/managers are having issues with employee turnover.

Helping to select the Right Locking Mechanisms

Helping to select the right locking Mechanisms

If you want rekeying services, you have to decide what kind of locking mechanisms you want. You can always go with the same kind of mechanisms you have right now. The other option would be to choose a more innovative locking mechanism that might offer you a higher level of security.

Offering other options

Offering other options

Maybe, having rekeying done wouldn’t be the right way for you to go. If by chance there are not any issues related to your keys, we might be able to address your concerns with door lock repairs. You might also want to consider changing your entire locking system so that you have a new locking system in place to keep your home, business, or car safe.

Providing Duplicate Keys

Providing duplicate keys

Whether you go with rekeying services, door lock repairs, or new locks, our mobile locksmith in Denver will have the materials and tools they need to make sure you get all the duplicate keys you need. Since it only takes a few moments to cut duplicate keys, we won’t leave until every lock for doors with keys is in place.

Different Car Models

Locked out of your car? We will get you
back in without damaging your lock*

Who We Are

Locked Out Locksmith serves as a proud and important part of the community. We have worked hard to establish ourselves as a go-to full-service locksmith of the people and for the people.

You’ll appreciate that all of our services are affordably priced with each and every customer’s satisfaction fully guaranteed.

24-hour Mobile Services

As a reliable mobile locksmith in Denver, we have the ability to respond to calls for help very quickly. That’s important because you don’t want to feel inconvenienced or stranded because of issues with locks and keys. Our mobile locksmith services are available to you 24/7/365.

Over 100 Real 5 Star Reviews from Real Customers

Upon the locksmith’s arrival, he was able to retrieve the keys I had locked in the truck in a matter of minutes. It would be an understatement to say I was surprised.

Maria S.

The Locked Out Locksmith person who came to my rescue at 2:00 am was very polite and assuring. I immediately knew my car was in good hands as he went about fixing my ignition system.


I always appreciate when service providers take time to explain the problem and offer the best solution. My locksmith was very professional and good at what he did.

George A.

After my positive experience with Locked Out Locksmith, I can assure you that the company will have a place high on my speed dial from now on. I was very pleased with the results.

Katrina V.

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Locked Out Locksmith - car locksmith services in Denver
How long will it take to rekey all of my car door locks, plus the trunk lock? Open Close

In most cases, we can rekey a full set of car door locks and the trunk lock in 30 to 60 minutes. If there were to be any delays, it would probably be because we need time to locate the right locking mechanisms for a rare car. We do offer all of our auto locksmith services for cars of all years, makes, and models.

If I have a large company with lots of employee turnover, how often would you recommend I have the company’s locks rekeyed? Open Close

We find that’s a trust issue. If you part ways with congenial employees, the risk to your building’s security might be minimal. With that said, the best way to make sure everything is safe and secure is to have the appropriate locks rekeyed after every employee’s departure.

My home was just burglarized. Would you recommend I rekey my locks or have them replaced? Open Close

Burglars will return to the scene of their crimes because they will have a good idea of what kind of home security system awaits them. If you want to make it difficult for them should they return, we would recommend going with new locks that offer modern security features.

Is it possible to secure my house while eliminating the need to worry about keys? Open Close

Yes. There are some keyless and remote residential locking systems that can provide you and your family with the protection that you want and need. We would be happy to consult with you regarding your options.